What is Sciatica? What Treatments are Effective?

In today’s world, we are always prone to a variety of pains and conditions, with sciatica being by far a very common one. Simply put, Sciatica is a pain that can be encountered in our legs and which is caused by the pinched nerves that we have in the lower back side. The bad thing is definitely the fact that once it starts, Sciatica spreads quite fast, and it will eventually bring intense pains.

may help sciatica treatment

may help sciatica treatment

Most of the time, this condition is caused by a herniated disk, which cracks and this pinches the sciatic nerve. Thankfully, there are numerous sciatica treatments that you can check out, some of which are more efficient than others, depending on your situation. Before you apply any of these treatments, you will need to visit the doctors first!

Chiropractic care

This particular treatment focuses mostly on spinal manipulation as the means to create a response in the nervous system which will restore mobile and, in time, remove the negative issues that appear with Sciatica.


Despite the fact that it’s not a modern practice, acupuncture can actually help relieve the pressure and pain caused by sciatica. Warming acupuncture is specifically useful in this regard, a procedure that requires the needed to be heated before use.


Yoga allows you to strengthen the muscles and at the same time it promotes flexibility, while also helping you correct posture. Moving your body is crucial when you have Sciatica, and this is why yoga poses might help a lot in this regard.

Topical preparations

Using anti-inflammatory oil is very helpful if you want to treat sciatica the right way, and you will need to apply it three times a day. There are also special oils created for shingles pain, which you might want to try if the pain intensifies.

Devil’s claw (a herbal medication)

This is a great anti-inflammatory solution that will inhibit substances which drive inflammation, making it a very useful and reliable treatment to opt for.

Epidural steroid injections

These injections need to be administered only in those situations when the lower back pain persists for more than a month. The main idea here is to try and reduce the inflammation that happens within that nerve branch. There are a few side effects if the injections are administered often, so they are limited to 3/year.

Massage therapy

Because some of the Sciatica treatments presented here do present a few risks, the best treatment you can opt for is massage therapy. This not only alleviates pain, but it encourages relaxation and it promotes a state of wellbeing that speeds up the recovery process. Because of that, patients with Sciatica are recommended to follow this type of treatment.

In conclusion, while there are multiple Sciatica treatments out there, each one caters to a specific category of patients. The only one that works for most people is massage therapy, as this helps the body recover a lot faster, with results that will last for a long time.