What Natural Supplements Should I Take To Lose Weight?

Watching what we eat and taking the right herbal supplements can help you lose some of those extra pounds. It is very important that you watch and monitor your weight because obesity can lead to other serious health problems such as a heart attack and diabetes. These are very serious health issues and if they are not treated properly you could die. They are totally preventable and watching your weight and the food you put into your body is the first step that you can take to prevent yourself from ever having either one of these things happen to you. See the right herbal medicine and supplements at www.ausnathealth.com.au

There are some very harmful diet pills out there that you can take that can cause you to have serious health issue as well. Fen-Phen which has fenfluramine now a banned obesity drug – are given to obese people which says will help them lose weight, was on the market for years before they realized that it was causing people to have heart attacks and die. Taking natural herbal supplements is an all natural way for you to help your body stay lean and fit. It will be good to get informed yourself about dietary supplements for weight loss.


natural supplements for weight loss

natural supplements for weight loss




Hoodia is very popular and it has even been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. If you eat four big meals a day your stomach is going to be use to having that much food every day and if you stop giving it that amount of food you will start having major hunger pains. Hoodia will work to decrease your appetite and people have found themselves to not be hungry when they take it. Studies have shown that it’s one of the best supplements to take and it doesn’t cause harm to your body. You take a Hoodia pill in three times a day, once in the morning, once at lunch and once at dinner. You can find it at health food stores and at your local pharmacy.



The supplement works to eliminate body fat and improves the muscle condition in your body. You can get Chromium in your body by eating certain food such as broccoli, grapes and potatoes. You don’t need an excessive amount of Chromium in your body for this to work, but getting just enough will help your body get rid of fat.



You can only take this or consume this if you aren’t allergic to seafood because you find it in the shell of a shrimp. Chitosan works to block the fat in your body as you eat it. If you are trying to shed pounds eating shrimp is a great thing to eat because it’s good for your diet and it also has Chitosan in it which will help block any other fat you put in your body.

It important that you also drink plenty of water during the day and that you exercise on a daily basis. You can’t lose weight just be taking supplements so it’s very important to have a balanced diet and to exercise if you really want to shed those extra pounds. See Australian Food Standard Report on Chitosan – Assessment Report on Chitosan.

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