Types of Leg Injuries that happens in Sports

Leg injuries can happen as the result of contact sports, high speed sports and also because osteoporosis due to age. The minor one will heal by itself. While for the severe one, you need medical treatment. Below are some of lower leg injuries that commonly found

1. Compartment syndrome
Mostly occurs to athletes, it happens due to excessive pressure in one compartment in our body that contains nerves and muscles. The pain will be relieved by resting but comes back again when we exercise again. Tightness, swelling, bruising, numbness, electrical like pain which is persistent are the symptoms of it. The treatment will be about removing the cause of the pressure to our body compartment such as casts and splints. Surgery is the first to do for severe one followed by some supportive treatments


Field Hockey Sports Injury

Field Hockey Sports Injury

2. Stress fracture
It happens because of repeated trauma to the muscles and bone due to overuse that causes fracture to the bone. The pain will be hard to notice at first but will escalate with time. There will also be swelling and tenderness.

3. Shin Splints
It is common found in the runners. The symptom is pain on the lower leg between knee and ankle due to trauma of the connective muscle tissue surrounding the shinbone.

4. Periostitis
It’s an inflammation to the periosteum that surrounds the bone and marked with pain, tenderness and swelling on the bone. The treatments will be about correcting running mechanics, underlying hip weakness and improper shoes.

It’s a vascular disease that affects the legs of sportsmen caused by abnormal position of the popliteal artery which is compressed by the tendon and muscles near the knee.

6. Mitochondrial Myopathy
It’s a mitochondrial disease that causes muscle problem. It’s a hereditary disease which can cause little disability with no specific treatment found yet

7. Night cramps
It’s a sudden contraction of one or more muscles in our leg which cause intense pain. It happens because of long time exercises during hot weather. It will bring no harm to your leg

8. Achilles Tendonopathy
It’s injury in the achilles tendon behind your ankle due to overuse. Most common found in runners which can be treated under doctor’s supervision at home. The severe version of this injury is the achilles tear

9. Calf Muscle Tear
It is sudden pain in the calf muscle which results in muscles injury. It has similar symptoms to the achilles tear but happens higher in the back of the leg. RICE, series of motion, strengthening and speed, agility treatment help you to recover

10. Plantaris Tear
This kind of injury which happens as the result of jumping, running may cause pain and disability. With the symptoms like cramping sensation and swelling on the calf muscle, pain in the back of the calf, this injury can be treated by applying RICE

11. Achilles Tear
It happens when the achilles tendon breaks which will result in acute disability. Diagnosis can be taken by doing MRI scan and radiography. Treatment can be with or without surgery. The symptoms are pain at the back of the foot and above the heel while stretching, stiffness, tenderness feeling and swelling. The earlier the treatment is much suggested

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