Care & Remedy for Frozen Shoulder

At some point during our lives, we all had to deal with those excruciating shoulder pains when the arm feels stiff, inactive and you just can’t move it. This is basically a condition called frozen shoulder and numerous people all over the country are continually dealing with it. However, while many thing that this is something natural and something that’s supposed to happen and we can’t combat it, the reality is that with a skillfully carried out massage we can ease the tension and provide some very interesting benefits as well.

Massage is a physical therapy that we recommend, it can be very easy to implement and also is beneficial for your body, since it can immediately access the issues created by your frozen shoulder. The massage is performed only by a specialist and it’s comprised out of multiple sets of techniques that focus on the muscles. Mabuhay is a good massage provider that can administer you a therapeutic massage in sydney.


remedial massage for frozen shoulder

remedy for frozen shoulder


In the case of a frozen shoulder condition, most of the muscles that are located near the shoulder are losing their movement range and this leads to a variety of issues. In this situation, what massage does is that it actually releases the trigger points as the best way to reduce the pain that accumulates in that area. In addition to that, massage can manipulate your body in order to increase the range of movement as well.

Usually, massage is performed in the shoulder and rotator cuff muscle area. The best part about it is that this particular massage technique is soothing and it also reduces the amount of pain that the person was experiencing. With the help of a gentle technique such as the Myofascial release, massage can actually reduce the feeling of tightness that a person with frozen shoulder might experience, and this is a very important thing to know at all times. There are a lot of benefits and other problems that this type of massage can relieve – Classified Massage Therapy Research 2014 – AMT(PDF File).

Massage also includes a set of techniques also known as MET that use neurological abilities in order to increase the muscle movement rate. MET is a very demanding technique however because the stretch will actually transfer to the joint capsule quite fast.

It’s important to note that each person can have a different type of frozen shoulder, and this is why it’s very important to talk with a professional therapist, as this is the only way to get professional help and astounding results at all times, something that can be hard to receive otherwise.

With the help of massage, you can easily alleviate the pain that comes from the frozen shoulder condition. However, a lot of rest, using the prescribed drugs and a few other similar things can also help when it comes to getting the most out of the prescribed massage therapy. Don’t hesitate ad engage in a massage therapy treatment, as it will definitely help you loosen up your frozen shoulder condition.

therapeutic massage using fingers

massage using fingers


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