The Walking Dead Actress Workout Routine

This video will show you walking dead season 4 episode 9 scene, where Michonne uses her samurai to kill 24 walker or zombies. Also watch Michonne do her own style of push ups and sit ups from The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11. I will also show you one of her fans doing a michonne push up challenge. The content of this video shows the walking dead michonne sharing tips on how she maintains her shape, physical health and strength.

Actress Danai Gurira is a loveable and quirky person. Her energy is just up on the roof. In the video, it says there that she always exercise whenever she can get a free time. She will exercise anywhere she can and the type of exercises she do is based on Jillian Michaels exercises programs. In fact she has a DVD of her that she follows. She also said that she loves pilates and screams out loud on those exercises that are hard. See more funny moments and health advice and tips in the video.